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Here is a collection of traditional Kerala recipes and other modern recipes from various kitchens… Improved and made simpler for you… Let’s Start Cooking together!

Traditional Kerala Recipes Made Easy

Onam Recipes / Kerala Recipes / Traditional Kerala Recipes

You will find all sorts of Kerala recipes, cooking tips, Authentic taste, Breakfast , Chicken , Fish curry, Healthy Recipes, delicious, scrumptious dishes from this web site. Traditional Indian and other modern recipes made easy and simple for you.

Quality Kerala Dishes

Kerala Food / Kerala Authentic Food Blog

Outside Kerala, Kerala hotels satisfy the craving for Kerala food to a certain extent, but the authenticity and taste is compromised most of the time. Some people try to prepare but after one time preparation stop doing it again as they find the methods tedious.

Traditional Food Nostalgia

South Indian recipes / Kerala quality food recipes

This site offers the same Traditional Kerala dishes with quality taste in easy methods or steps  that is sure to make you lick your fingers and yearn for more.


Rum Cake/ Rich Rum cake /Nutty Rum Delight

Rum cake loaded with cashews and Almonds is the perfect indulgent treat at any time of the year. The refreshing orange flavours hits you first, then the crunchy nuts, followed by the lingering, intense blend of Rum and spices. Warning- it is highly addictive!

Chicken Tikka Masala/ Spicy Chicken Tikka Curry

Chicken Tikka Masala is not just delicious but easy to prepare too! This world-renowned Chicken Tikka dish with the splendid, creamy, tomato gravy and the perfect amalgamation of spices is an extremely delicious, comfort food that will leave you licking your fingers.


Koottu Erissery (Sadya Special)

Erissery is an essential item in Kerala Sadya, the elaborate vegetarian spread on Banana leaves. This special Koottu Erissery has Mathanga, Chena and Kaya along with red cow peas to bring down the sweetness of Pumpkin and tastes just delicious!

Cooking is divine!

For me, preparing food is a sheer joy and a very relaxing, satisfying experience. The pleasure is divine when you cook something with all dedication and love and the divine pleasure resonates to those whom you serve your food.

Cooking is love!

Yes. The way to hearts is through stomach. When you cook with love, you can see the magic working up making hearts sing around you. Spread love around through cooking, also remember the favourite dishes of your loved ones.

Cooking is gift!

Art of cooking is a gift. And every mother is gifted with that art. The reason why you never forget your mothers’ food. All Mothers strive hard to make their kids happy and thats why always, mothers dishes are special and awesome!!!

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