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I am Meena, affectionately called by my friends and family members as Meenami and its short form meemi. I am settled in Bangalore with my loving husband Jibu and our three darling kids, Tessa, Joel and Matthew. I belong to an Ancient Christian family in Kerala and my love for cooking might have started from my foodie family.. We have wonderful cooks in the family and we had these family get-togethers almost every weekend where every family would prepare something or the other and we used to enjoy everything together. As kids, my cousins and I enjoyed these get-togethers and the great food.

My effort here is to put together all those loving mouthwatering recipes from my mom and aunts, the recipes collected from mummy (my MIL), whose traditional recipes are a knock out, and some modern recipes from my wonderful Sister and relatives and few of my friends. My efforts are invested in all the recipes featured here and are tried and improved to enhance the taste quotient and sure to win hearts and accolades. Hope all of you would try them.

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