Special Easy Chicken Roast

Special Easy Chicken Roast is my recipe for you today. This is quite different from the original recipe (Thirummi Chicken Roast) which my aunt and mom used to make. Actually it tastes awesome with all the crushed ingredients, the ginger, garlic, masala etc. Till recently I used to follow that recipe, but had a difficult time convincing my kids not to keep aside the crushed ginger, masalas etc. Then one day, I just added garlic ginger paste and garam masala instead of crushed ones and the kids were going gaga over it. After that this Easy Chicken Roast has been a regular item in my menu. Looking back, think even I hated the cardamom or ginger taste then, and didn’t enjoy it much.

Kids love all the fried chicken versions and the grilled versions. Simple Chicken fry, Chicken Kebab, Popcorn chicken, Chicken Satay, Grilled Tandoori chicken, Roast Chicken all are favourites. But for a quick lunch option, this Easy Chicken Roast is the best recipe, as it is quite simple to prepare and does not require much time. With some Kumbalanga or Papaya Pulissery, Koorkka Ularthiyathu, Pavakka fry and Cabbage thoran, this makes the best Sunday lunch. If you have mostly adults for dinner, then try the authentic Thirummi Roast. All thanks to dear Ammaunty (Annammaunty) for this succulent recipe, originally known as Thirummi Chicken roast. Hope all of you will enjoy my Easy Chicken Roast.


Chicken– 1 kg
Onion– 2 nos
Ginger/garlic– 2 tsp (crushed or paste)
Curry leaves– few
Chilly Powder– 2 tsp
Pepper Powder– 1 ½ tsp
Turmeric Powder– 1 tsp
Garam Masala– 1 tsp
Vinegar– 1 tsp
Oil– for frying


Wash and clean chicken pieces and put in a thick bottom pan. Add all the ingredients, yes, sliced onions, ginger garlic paste, vinegar, spices, curry leaves to it with enough salt and one tsp. oil and mix well. Keep it covered for some time, around half an hour.

Special and Easy Chicken Roast

Cover and cook on slow fire for 10- 15 mts. Stir occasionally. Take the chicken pieces out and fry them in little oil. (Use non- stick pan and use very little oil). When its slightly brown take it out and add the remaining gravy to the oil and let it simmer. Pour the gravy over the chicken pieces.

Special and Easy Chicken Roast

Decorate with fried potato strips and the kids will love it. Serve it with rice, Simple Moru Kachiyathu or Pulissery, Pavakka / Kovakka fry, Papaya Thoran, Kaya Ularthiyathu etc. You will love the combination.




  • This goes well Roti and Dal, also awesome with Rice and kaalan.
  • It will taste more good if you marinate the chicken and keep for half an hour or more.
  • You can add few whole red chilies while cooking which will make this dish more colorful and appealing.
  • Prepare French fries for decoration only last. Lead yourself not into temptation. 🙂

Try this and let me know how your family liked it. Enjoy!! God Bless!!

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