Pav Bhaji / Indian Pav Bhaji Masala

Pav Bhaji is a very popular Indian street food, originated in Mumbai. Mashed vegetables are cooked in thick onion tomato gravy with buttered soft bread (Pav). Street food or chaat like Sev Puri, Corn Chaat, Bhel Puri, Pani Puri with its wonderful flavours, colors and varieties are every gastronomes delight. Another beautiful thing about chatpata chaats is that these lip smacking goodies never hurt your purse.Fried Idli in Curd is another chaat style dish with leftover Idlis. 

Chaats/ street foods are something I can never resist; although, the extra butter devotedly add inches to my tummy line!! Well, extra walking the next day or even fasting; anything is absolutely worth for this super luscious food! Eat moderately, enjoy your food, and don’t skip exercises, this should be your motto. I love all north Indian food. It tastes different and unique, be it chole bhature, Aloo Paratha, Rajma masala, Aloo Gobi, Paneer dishes, Aloo Shimla Mirch sabzi, Dal curry; everything tastes fantastic.

Although I love all chaats; Bhel puri, Chole Bature, Pav Bhaji, Poori masala are my favorite. My whole family loves chaats, so scooping that butter dripping bhaji with the buttery Pav never made me guilty.  So Pav Bhaji it is for me today. Special thanks to my dear friend Sai, for sending that yummy Pav Bhaji picture on Whatsapp and tempting me promptly. It is just irresistible!! 🙂 Just enjoy!!

Time : 30 mts
Serves: 2-4


Pav Bun: 1 pack (6)
Onion: 2 nos
Ginger Garlic Paste: 1 tsp
Tomatoes: 2 nos
Potato: 2 nos (large)
Carrot: 1 small
Green Peas: ¼ cup
Kashmiri Red Chilly Pdr: ½ tsp
Pav Bhaji Masala: 1 ½ tbsp
Butter: 30 gms
Oil: 1 tbsp
Lemon: 1 no
Coriander Leaves chopped: little


Wash and boil the potatoes. Peel and mash the potatoes coarsely. Cut carrot into small squares and boil it with peas till soft. Mash and keep aside.Heat oil and half butter in a pan. Chop onions coarsely and add this to butter and sauté till translucent. Add ginger garlic paste and sauté.  Mix the chilly pdr and fry. Now add the chopped tomatoes and fry till they are mashed. Put the Pav Bhaji Masala and sauté for a minute. Sprinkle salt and add mashed potatoes and peas and carrot to the pan and mix well. Pour just enough water to make a thick gravy (¼ cup). Adjust salt and remove from heat.  Transfer to serving plate and decorate with chopped coriander leaves and chopped onion and top with a spoon of butter. Squeeze little lime..

Heat a tawa, cut the Pav bread horizontally and apply butter on both sides and toast on the tawa. When both sides are slightly browned, serve with the bhaji. Enjoy your Pav Bhaji. It is just irresistible!!

And don’t forget to walk!!


  • You can try adding cauliflower and capsicum for variety.
  • The spice measure mentioned here is medium spicy, if you want it spicier please increase the Chilly powder.
  • I have used butter and little oil, you can try with only butter as well.
  • Pav Bhaji Masala is available in all super markets.

Please try and let me know if you like it. God Bless!!

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