Fried Idli chaat / Snack is a great way to serve left over Idlis. The crispy fried Idli cubes dipped in slightly spiced curd is a delightful afternoon snack. Besides, this fried Idli in curd is a perfect healthy snack to serve kids and adults. Idlis are branded as healthy breakfast as they are rich in proteins and carbohydrates. They are easily digestible and tastes delicious with Sambar, coconut chutney, Onion Tomato chutney, Mint Chutney etc. Although adults enjoy fat free steamed Idlis, pleasing the kids is a totally different story. They usually prefer Dosas to Idlis, or Mini Idlis and variety Dosas like Pizza dosas, cheese Dosas etc.

I used to experiment with left over Idlis and Chinese Chilly Idli and Pepper Masala Idli seemed to be the best options. When I tried this Dahi Idli chaat, it became such an instant hit, that, I started making extra Idlis just to make this Fried Idli Snack. To make it extra crispy, I fried the cubed Idlis after coating in rice batter. Unlike Curd Vada, which turns soft in curd, this fried Idli remained crunchy and fresh even after dipping in the curd for half hour.

Indian Chaat recipes never fail to entice me, be it the buttery Pav Bhaji, chole bhature, Sev Puri, Paani Puri, Dhahi Puri or Corn chaat. If you like fried snack recipes check my Banana Fritters, Spinach Onion Pakora, Chicken Cutlets, Paneer fingers, Fish cutlets, Medhu Vada, Masala Vada, Samosas, Meat rolls, Spring rolls, crispy cones, Fish fingers, Soya cutlets etc.

Thick beaten curd (sour less) is required for Fried Idli Chaat. You can add Boondi or Sev and chaat Masala as per your liking to take it to another level. Fried Idli snack is quite filling and delightful with perfectly balanced flavours. It is a great post school snack for kids to revive their energy in a healthy way! I am sure everyone will enjoy this absolutely delicious recipe for Fried Idli Chaat. Here goes.



: 5 nos.

Rice Powder

: 3 tbsp

Kashmiri Chilli Powder

: 1 tsp

Asafoetida Powder

: ½ tsp


: ¼ tsp


: ½ cup

Thick Curd

: 1 cup

Coconut scraped

: ½ cup

Green chili

: 1 no.


: ½ “ piece

Coriander Leaves

: little


: ¼ tsp

Urad Dal/ Black gram

: 1 tsp

Small Onion

: few

Green chilli and ginger chopped

: 1 tsp

Curry leaves



: a pinch

Coriander leaves chopped

: to garnish

Kashmiri chilli powder

: to garnish

Coconut oil

: as required


Cut the Idli into bite sized cubes. Make a thin batter with rice powder, chilli powder, Asafoetida powder, salt and water. Heat oil in a pan. Dip the Idlis in the batter and deep fry to a golden brown. Drain and keep aside.

Fried Idly Snack / Fried Idly in Curd Fried Idly Snack / Fried Idly in Curd Fried Idly Snack / Fried Idly in Curd

Grind scraped coconut, chili, ginger, coriander leaves and salt to make smooth coriander chutney. Beat thick curd to get a smooth consistency. Add 2 tbsp Coriander chutney to it and mix well. Adjust the salt.

Fried Idly Snack / Fried Idly in Curd Fried Idly Snack / Fried Idly in Curd

Heat coconut oil, crackle mustards, add 1 tsp Urad dal and fry to a golden brown. Then add chopped small onions, ginger and green chili. Fry till onions turn golden brown, switch off the fire and add a pinch of asafoetida. Put the fried Idlis into curd, add the fried onions and chopped coriander leaves and garnish with Chilli powder.And, you are ready to go! Enjoy!


  • Check the recipe to make soft Idlis.
  • Do not use fresh hot Idlis, let it cool before cutting.
  • The rice batter makes the Idlis crispy.
  • Curd should be thick. Beat well to get a smooth consistency.
  • Cold Curd is good for Fried Idli snack.
  • You can add little lime juice to the coriander chutney to retain the color.
  • Add Boondi or Sev to garnish as per your liking.

Please try this recipe for Fried Idli Chaat, and if you like the same, do put in your comments or share with your friends with the help of buttons on the side. I would be delighted to hear from you!! God Bless!

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