Grape Wine

It is that Joyful time of the year. The season of joy and hope and cheer!! God bless you all with all love and Joy and happiness in your hearts and homes this festive season. Well, what better recipe to start the Christmas season other than Grape wine? Homemade Grape wine is very special, and from ancient time, people are adept at making wine at home. Wine can be literally made from all fruits, like Bananas, Dates, Apples etc., but Grape wine is the best. The Christmas fruit cake and Wine is inevitable during Christmas Celebrations!

We started making our own wine after settling in India, and was overjoyed to have that first bottle of our own wine. Jibu (my hubby) took an instant attraction to this wine making process even doing research on the process, tasting and whatever else. After the research, we made wine several times improving and modifying each time. You should also try our Banana Raisin Wine and  Dates Wine. This Grape Wine recipe is what we consider our best and also certified best by the wine tasters in the family/ friends circle. 🙂 So, cheers and we begin…hic.


Bright Black Grapes: 2 kg
Sugar: 2 kg
Water (Boiled and cooled): 3 ltr + ½ cup
Yeast: 1 ½ tsp
Cloves: 2 nos
Cinnamon: 2 piece
Whole wheat: one small handful (2 tbsp)


Clean your grapes under flowing water first and keep it soaked in fresh water after taking off the stems and withered grapes (you can add little salt to the water as well). After half an hour, wash thoroughly and change water. Most of the grapes are treated with chemicals or pesticides so it is important that you take care not to add that to your wine. After thoroughly washing, keep it in a big colander to dry.  Wash the whole wheat and drain and keep aside.

It is always advisable to use a glass/ ceramic jar to hold your wine. It should be big enough that after filling all ingredients there should be ample space (6- 8 inches) left for rising. Clean, sterilize (pour hot water and clean) and dry the jar. Keep all other ingredients ready. Take ½ cup lukewarm water and add yeast to it with 1 tbsp sugar. Mix well. Crush and squeeze the grapes slightly with a potato masher or wooden pestle. Add the crushed grapes to the jar and add half measure (1 kg) of Sugar. Top it with yeast mix, crushed cloves and cinnamon. Add the whole wheat and stir gently with a long handled spoon (wooden spoon). Add the water and mix gently. Close the jar with a cloth covered lid and keep in a warm place. For the next 21 days stir with the long handled spoon every day before sunset (same time is good) and skim any foam that is formed on top. This is the fermentation period. Close the lid nicely each time.

After 21 days strain with a clean muslin cloth to another sterilized glass jar or non-metallic container. Clean and dry the jar and keep the strained wine in the wine jar itself.  Add the rest of the sugar (1 kg). Tightly cover the jar with cloth and lid and keep in a cool dark place for another 21 days without disturbing. After 21 days transfer the wine to colored bottles using a siphon pump. Your wine is ready to use. You will get 4 – 5 bottles with this measure and the boundless excitement and joy of making your own grape wine. Share and enjoy with others to double the joy !! Cheers!!


  • The quality of grapes is always important for quality wine, so it is always good to buy grapes from the farmers or from vineyards..
  • Grapes are always treated with chemicals and pesticides so always wash thoroughly three or four times.
  • Always use boiled and cooled water to make wine.
  • Use only wooden spoon to stir the wine and try to stir at a set time every day if possible.
  • After bottling your wine you can use immediately or keep it for a longer period for best results. The more mature the wine the better!!

Enjoy your Christmas meals with your own homemade wine.  God Bless!!

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