Banana Raisin Wine

Banana Raisin Wine is the newest addition to our homemade wine collection. Making wine at home is always a wonderful, stimulating experience. If you are a beginner, don’t be intimidated; just try with a small quantity and you will be good to go, or try my basic Grape wine recipe. You may also like my plush Dates Wine recipe. Trying out the traditional recipes that are passed on from generations; experimenting and modifying; brewing and tasting, sharing and enjoying It is really an awesome experience! Fruit Wine can be made with any fruit, and some of you might have tried Banana wine; which is another wonderful recipe that I will be adding soon! When we made Banana wine for the first time, it tasted little elusive, hence Jibu decided to experiment and add more flavors to it.

This Banana Raisin Wine is made of Bananas (‘Palayamkodan’ Banana) and sweet raisins. Bananas are a treasure box of anti oxidant nutrients and energizers. Please check this link to know more about health benefits of Banana : The raisins provide a delightful fruity flavor and add a golden tinge to the wine color. The more it is aged, the more heavenly it is. Initially, it may look a little milky while bottling, but if you keep it for ageing gracefully, say for 6 months to one year, you will get a brilliant golden beauty that is crystal clear. It is a divinely beguiling tropical treat; a distinctive asset to your winery!  Enjoy and spread the cheers!!


Banana (Palayamkodan): 2 kg
Raisins: ½ cup (70 gms)
Sugar: 2 kg
Water: 4 ltr + ½ cup
Yeast: 1 ½ tsp
Cloves: 2 – 4 nos
Cinnamon: 2 piece
Dried Red chili: 3 nos.


Measure and keep ready all the ingredients. Boil and cool the water. In a hot Tawa/ Pan, place the dried red chilies and slightly brown both sides. Wash the raisins in fresh water and drain and keep aside. Wash, sterilize with hot water and dry the ceramic jar. It should be big enough to leave ample space for fermenting. Take ½ cup warm water and add yeast to it with 1 tbsp sugar. Mix well and keep covered for 10 minutes.

Meanwhile, peel the bananas and cut it into thin rounds. Add this to the jar. Layer the sugar in between. Now add the raisins. Add the water and stir gently in one direction to mix well. Now add the yeast mix, crushed cloves, cinnamon and the chilies. Stir gently again with a long handled spoon (wooden spoon).

Banana Raisin Wine Banana Raisin Wine

Close the jar with a cloth covered lid and cover and keep in a warm place. For the next 21 days (recording the date you started would help) stir with the long handled spoon every day before sunset (same time preferably) and skim any foam that is formed on top. This is the fermentation period. Close the lid nicely each time.

After 21 days strain the wine with a clean muslin cloth or a giant strainer to another sterilized glass jar or container. Clean the wine jar and transfer the strained wine to the wine jar itself. It will be somewhat milky color.

Banana Raisin Wine

Tightly cover the jar with cloth and lid and keep in a cool dark place for another 21 days without disturbing. Now, transfer the wine to glass bottles with tight caps using a siphon pump. Keep it in a cool place to age gracefully till you get a crystal clear, brilliant golden liquid with all finesse. Enjoy, gift and spread the cheers!!


  • I have used Palayamkodan Banana for making this wine. You can try with Robusta or Poovan as well.
  • Wash and drain raisins to remove any unwanted residues.
  • Always use boiled and cooled water to make wine.
  • During the fermenting period wine jar should be stored at warm, normal temperature for fermenting nicely.
  • Use wooden spoon to stir the wine and try to stir at a set time every day if possible before sunset.
  • Banana Raisin wine tastes better if you keep it for ageing for longer period.
  • To know more about the health benefits of Banana, check : .
  • Always keep in a dark cool place for ageing.

Amaze your guests with your own homemade Banana Raisins wine; a golden beauty to delight your senses. If you like this recipe, do share with your friends using the buttons on the sides. Looking forward to your valuable comments. It would really encourage and motivate me.  God Bless!!

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