Easy Cucumber Tomato Sandwich

Easy cucumber Tomato Sandwich is a quick fix meal and a very fulfilling one that boosts up your energy instantly. Everyone loves sandwiches, white or brown bread, grilled or not grilled, with cheese or not, with a variety of fillings to choose from. This is not just a snack, but a meal that never leaves you hungry. Today, I was thinking and searching my kitchen for options for tea-time snacks for my kids. Saw the half cucumber on the counter and rushed to get that bread from the store. Came back and in 5 minutes the first sandwich was ready. All thanks to my Beenchi (my sis), she comes up with all these ideas of quick fix sandwiches that are quite easy and tastes awesome. This Easy Cucumber Tomato Sandwich is one of her instant snack idea and is simple and tasty. Cucumber and tomato are the main ingredients and so if kept for some time, it can turn soggy as they release water. So, if you are not planning to have it immediately (in 1 hour time), this is not advisable. This is the easiest solution for hungry tummies..

Serves : 4
Time: 5 minutes



Bread Slices: 8 pieces
Cucumber: 1 no. (half)
Tomato: 1 no.
Pepper pdr: 1 tsp
Garlic Mayonnaise: as required..


Slice the cucumber into thin round slices. Slice the tomatoes also into thin rounds. Cut/ Trim the sides of the breads. Spread little Mayonnaise evenly on one side. Arrange the cucumber pieces and then tomato pieces. Sprinkle pepper powder. Spread Mayonnaise on another bread and cover it with that bread slice. Cut into triangles and serve. Repeat with the rest. Quite easy right? It is tasty too. The easiest veg. Sandwich is ready. Enjoy the quickie meal.


  • Bread can be sandwich bread, or any other, white or brown bread of your choice.
  • You can try adding some Onion slices for that extra crunch.
  • Mayonnaise can be eggless or original flavor. Even Garlic Mayo is good. Always choose a good brand of Mayonnaise to avoid extra sourness.
  • You can try with Butter as well. But Mayonnaise tastes better.
  • Tomato and Cucumber release water so the sandwich will be soggy if kept for more than an hour. Consuming immediately is best advised.
  • No salt is required as the Mayo balances the flavor.
  • Grilling or toasting will ruin the freshness of cucumber. So have it fresh.

Enjoy your delicious quickie meal. God Bless!!

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