Fish Molee/ Kerala Fish Molee/ Fish Molly

Fish Molee/ Moli/ Molly or any other name as you would like to call it, is such a special dish and I have tasted some three or four varieties of this delicious Portuguese influenced dish. This Fish molee recipe is totally mind blowing and can be modified into yet another dish by adding cooked Pasta. I got this recipe from my darling Beenchi who is so modest and says she is not interested in cooking but makes such exotic mouthwatering dishes. It is different from the other traditional fish molee dishes; a little more glamorous and pleasurably delicious. Once you try this, you will agree with me. Pair it with Appam, Vellayappam, Idiyappam or even Neer Dosa and enjoy the mouth watering combination. Other Portuguese influenced dishes in my collection are Fish in Cabbage, Fish Caldinho, Goan Chicken Xacuti etc.

Christmas day is nearing and all hearts, homes and kitchens are getting ready for Christmas. All ladies must be busy planning Christmas menus, decorations and all households getting ready to welcome guests. It is such a beautiful Joyous season, and that is why Christmas Menus are also special. In Kerala, most of the Christian households start their day with Appam/ VellayappamIdiyappam/ Bread in combination with Mutton Stew / Veal stew / Meatball curry, Duck Pepper roast, Pork Pepper fry, Chicken stew or in the Alleppey region, with Tharavu Curry / Tharavu Mappas or Nadan Chicken Curry. Lunch spread is usually an elaborate affair. Chicken cutlets/ Beef cutlets/ Fish cutlets or Chicken fry  and then the Appam or Bread with Fish Molee, then the rice and the variety of dishes like Beef fry, Chicken roast,Karimeen Mappas, Fish curry, Prawns fry, Kumbalanga Moru curry etc. ending with a wonderful dessert.

So, this special recipe is my Christmas gift (more recipes on the way) to you during our first Christmas season together. Try this mouthwatering Fish Molee/ Fish Molly recipe this Christmas and let everyone lick their fingers in joy.  Wishing you a joyful Christmas/ New Year season. Enjoy!

Time: 40 mts
Serves: 4


Seer Fish Slices (Nemmeen): ½ kg
Onion: 2 nos
Garlic: 8- 10 pieces
Ginger: 2’ piece
Curry leaves: 4 sprigs
Green Chilly: 2 nos.
Cinnamon: 2 sticks
Cloves: 4 nos
Cardamom: 5 nos
Turmeric Pdr: ¼ tsp
Red Chilly whole: 10 -12 nos
Maida: 2 tbsp
Tomato: 1 no.
Vinegar: 1 tbsp
Coconut Milk: as required ( ½ coconut)

Fish Molee Ingredients

Fish Molee Ingredients

Fish Molee Ingredients

Fish Molee Ingredients


Clean the fish pieces and keep aside. Seed the Red chillies (take out the inner seeds). Grind Ginger, Garlic, Turmeric and seeded red chillies with salt and vinegar. Marinate the fish pieces with this masala.

Fish Molee

Marinated Fish

Sprinkle Maida on top and slightly fry (two minutes each side) both sides on medium flame in a non-stick pan. Drain and keep aside.

Fish Molee

Fish shallow fry

Heat oil in a pan and add the whole Masala (3 C’s), when it pops, add the sliced onions, curry leaves and slit green chilies and sauté. When it is limp, add the chopped tomato and sauté for some time. Add the light Coconut milk (randaam paal) and let it simmer. Add fish Pieces and simmer again for some time.

Fish Molee

Fish Molee Preparation

Adjust the salt. Add thick Coconut Milk, simmer and remove from fire. Transfer to serving plate and serve hot..,

Serve with:

Fish Molee goes well with Appam, Idiyappam or Bread.


  • Green chilly should be medium spicy.
  • You can try with other fleshy fish slices, or white Pomfret or Pearl Spot (Karimeen).
  • Maida needs to be sprinkled on both sides.
  • You can use the oil used for frying if it is not spoiled or dark.
  • You can add cooked macaroni for another interesting variation/ modification of this recipe.
  • You may also add whole Black pepper to the spices.

Devour this delicious Fish Molee with Appam and let me know if you like it. God Bless!!

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