Idiyappam / Soft Idiyappam/ String Hoppers

Idiyappam or string Hoppers are popular all over south India, especially in Kerala and Tamil Nadu. It is quite simple to prepare and can be served with any spicy curry or stew. Soft Idiyappam, Palappam, VellayappamAppam with AvalRice Puttu, Neer Dosa, Idli, Poori are all popular Kerala Breakfast recipes.

My first experience in Idiyappam preparation was not quite pleasant. After marriage we were visiting Jibu’s Valiammachi (granny) and she was making Idiyappam for us. The eager new bride in me offered to help her and she gave me the idiyappam press. It was the ancient model made of wood with golden lining and OMG!, I was pressing and pressing and nothing came out. Seeing me turning pale, chechi (my Sil) came to help and we both tried but in vain. And then Ammachi saw both of us in distress, took the press and filled the steamer plate in seconds. Ammachi was over 75 that time. Looking back, it is a very funny situation and I am thankful for the easy Idiyappam press that are available in the market these days. It helps you make these yummy Idiyappams easily.

Idiyappam is a great combination with many Kerala dishes like Egg Roast, Egg Curry with PotatoesMutton stew, veal stew, Nadan Chicken curry, Beef curry, Potato stew, Vegetable stew, etc. Kids and adults love these soft rice noodles alike. After making Idiyappams, if you still happen to have any flour mix left try making Kozhukatta or Unda and quick chutney; it makes a quick evening snack. Vattayappam is another steamed rice delicacy in Kerala, which you may like. For now, check this recipe for soft tasty Idiappams.


Rice Flour: 2 cups
Salt: as required
Ghee: 1 tsp
Scraped Coconut: As required



Mix the roasted Rice flour with salt and add ghee. Pour boiling water into it and mix well with a spoon or wooden spatula till all the powder is mixed well and the dough is well molded. Check the heat and mix well with your hands and make a smooth dough.

Idiyappam String Hoppers

Make small balls and fill the Idiyappam presser and press the dough through the presser into steamer plates or banana leaves. Fill with scraped coconut and cover again with the dough through the presser.

Idiyappam String Hoppers  Idiyappam String Hoppers

Put in the steamer for 10 minutes. Take it out and have it with nadan chicken curry, Veal stew, kadala, peas, egg roast, Mappas., Fish Molee, etc. Enjoy.


  • Ghee makes the dough soft and tastes good as well.
  • For a sweet version, you can add Sugar to coconut and fill in the middle and steam.

Enjoy Your steamed healthy breakfast. God Bless!!

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