Palappam / Appam/ Kerala Palappam

Palappam or Appam is a classic traditional breakfast in Kerala. You may also call it as thin Rice pancakes with crisp lacy edges. Kerala style Palappam is a favourite breakfast item and renowned all over the world like Idiyappam, VellayappamNeer Dosa, Kallappam and Rice Puttu. Who can resist the lovely, mouth watering combination of  Appam with Mutton Stew, Duck Pepper FryVeal stew, Potato stew, vegetable stew, or Tharavu curry, Nadan Chicken curry, or Egg Roast, Nadan Egg Curry with potatoes or Fish Molee? Oh my! there are endless possibilities!!

Palappam / Kerala Style Appam is my all-time favourite dish. During my child hood, Appam, VellayappamKallappam, Vattayappam were all special dishes made during festive occasions. We also make special Pesaha Appam on Maundy Thursday, and wait for Easter Sunday morning breakfast of Appam and Tharavu roast. For Christmas, it will be Palappam and Mutton stew/ Veal stew combination or kallappam with Nadan chicken curry. Yum! Now, making Palappam is not very hard like olden times and I make it at least once a week  You will be happy to see my recipe for Palappam without coconut – Palappam with Aval.and the soft Vellayappam recipe with sago.

I still remember my mom spending all her time mixing, preparing with great care to ensure that her traditional palappam is perfect. I always thought making palappam the traditional way was a tedious process, and when I started making Palappam I made it very occasionally and always tried to cheat with ready made  Appam mix, but then the taste was not okay and the coconut milk extraction and cleaning made me weary. Then Kochammu( that’s my darling Cheriamma, Rosammaunty) told me to grind the coconut with rice and found it so easy and tasty so said goodbye to the old traditional method. So after this easy Palappam recipe, you are going to love making yummy soft Palappams..Here is the recipe for Kerala style Palapaam.


Raw Rice (Pachari/ Dosa rice): 2 ½ cups
Coconut scraped: 1 ½ cup
Cooked rice: ½ cup
Instant yeast: ½  teaspoon
Sugar: 2 tbsp
Water: As required


Wash and soak raw rice in water for 4 – 5 hours.  Grind all the ingredients together with water to prepare a smooth batter of flowing consistency.  I add little of everything each time I fill the mixer bowl to ensure perfect mixing. Mix well and cover and keep for rising. For 4-6 hours. Once it rises, add enough salt and mix well. Heat the appa kadai and pour little batter and slowly swirl to make the desired shape. If you plan to make it for breakfast, soak rice and prepare batter just before you sleep and add only 1/2 tsp yeast and allow to rise slowly. Enjoy yummy palappam.


  • Add salt only after the batter rises.
  • For best results, ask your mom to get you cast iron Appa chatti, although non stick versions are available which are easy to use.
  • Surprise your husband and kids by making heart appams or flower appams or other desired shapes and relish the extra attention coming your way.

Easy Palappam Round Easy Palappam Heart Easy Palappam Flower

Enjoy serving your guests palappam and win copious hearts. God Bless!!

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