Appam, Bread, Pasta and Rice

Here is a collection of Appam, Breads, Pasta and rice recipes to plan your menu for festive get togethers. Choose from variety breads, Appam and Rice for breakfast, Lunch and dinner.

Easy Palappam
Palappam is internationally acclaimed Rice pancake, made with fermented rice and coconut batter and is a popular breakfast dish in Kerala. This soft and fluffy Palappam/ Appam is easy to prepare and extremely delicious with crispy lace edges. Check:  

Aval Palappam
Aval Palappam is softer and easier version of Kerala Palappam. Tasty and easy Appam/ Rice pancake is made with rice and Aval/ Rice flakes batter, fermented with yeast. It is quite healthy and easy to prepare.  

Neer Dosa
Lacy, super soft Neer Dosas is quite easy to prepare with simple ingredients and makes a hearty breakfast. Mangalore Neer Dosa is very popular and can be served with any Indian curry of your choice.   

Idiyappam (Noolappam/ Nool puttu/ String hoppers) is a popular south Indian breakfast dish. Combinations with Idiayappam are Stew, Fish molee, Egg roast, Kadala, Nadan Chicken curry, Duck Roast etc. Check [email protected]  

Kallappam is a traditional breakfast among the Christians in Kerala. Known also as Vellayappam, this soft, tasty pancake is made with fermented rice and coconut batter. Initially, Toddy (kallu) was used to ferment, hence the name Kallappam. Check:  

Vattayappam is an excellent traditional snack in Kerala; a sweet delicacy that is made with fermented raw rice and coconut batter. Traditionally made with Toddy instead of yeast, it is a preferred healthy snack in most Kerala Christian homes. Check how to make soft Vattayappam @  

Whole Wheat Naan
Whole Wheat Naan is a healthy version of traditional, popular Indian flat bread, Naan. Unlike the white flour Naan, this is better and more nutritious, soft and fluffy and can be accompanied by a variety of spicy and flavorful curries.  

Cinnamon Rolls
Enjoy these warm and soft Cinnamon rolls oozing with the goodness of Cinnamon sugar and butter. These melt -in-mouth Cinnamon rolls are rich, sweet and truly addictive! These Homemade Cinnamon Rolls are great to kick start the festivities.  

Sausage Dinner Rolls
Sausage Dinner Rolls are a perfect family snack, loved by kids and adults alike and is delicious hot or cold. Great for parties or picnic, soft and delicious Sausage dinner rolls are really simple to make and delightful till the very last bite. Check the recipe @  

Crescent Rolls
These perfectly soft, homemade, warm Crescent Rolls are a perfect snack for birthday parties and an absolute favorite of kids. Super soft Crescent rolls have the added goodness of Cheese and Garlic which makes it more appealing! Check this @  

Chicken Tikka Pizza
Homemade Chicken Tikka Pizza is a crowd pleaser with the perfect blend of Indian and Italian spices that will entice your taste buds This simple and easy Chicken Pizza is a perfect party snack; an absolute favourite of kids.  

Chicken Noodles
Chicken Noodles, is a popular Indo Chinese dish, great to have with Honey chilli chicken, Szechuan chicken or Chilly fish or Chilli Pork. Check for this recipe @  

Veg Fried Rice
Fried rice is an extremely popular and tasty Indochinese fusion rice dish, adapted to please Indian Palates. It is simple, delicious and flavourful. Here is a great recipe with useful tips to make perfect restaurant style fried rice. Check this: 

Chili Garlic Fried rice
Hot Chili Garlic Fried rice is a popular Indo-chinese dish with vibrant colors and dominant garlic flavours. This sumptuous, Spicy and Tangy Fried rice with a tinge of sweetness is perfect for a healthy dinner.Check:  

Mutton Biriyani
Mutton Biriyani- Thalassery style, is a classic Biriyani, a one pot meal, prepared with aromatic spices and special rice to enhance the appeal – the flavour and aroma makes it irresistible. Check:  

Thalassery Chicken Biriyani
Thalassery Chicken Biriyani is a classic Indian origin dish famous all over the world. Biriyani is everyone’s favourite; the flavour and aroma makes it irresistible and a hearty “all in one meal”. Check: 

Kappa Biriyani
“Kappa Biriyani”, is a wholesome dish with the perfect blend of spices, earthy flavor of Kappa, succulent meat with bone; brimming with flavors -which is just goodness overload in a bowl.Check: 

Tomato rice
Tomato rice in Coconut milk is yet another appealing rice dish, rich in flavour. Rice is cooked in Tomato puree and coconut milk to enance the flavours. Check: 

Tomato Pulao
Tomato Pulao with Paneer and roasted peanuts is a delicious and simple lunch option. Pair it with some chicken fry and raita for a great lunch option for guests. Check:  

Easy Vegetable Pulao
Easy Vegetable Pulao is subtle, tasty and aromatic with the spices and goes well with any thick gravy dish, raita, pappad, pickle etc. It is quite simple to prepare too. Check:

Paneer Pulao
Paneer Pulao is very simple and appealing rice dish especially for kids and is a great lunch box option. If you are looking for tasty Rice menus, this mildly spiced Paneer Pulao with toasted Paneer and vegetables is a perfect option.

Chicken Pasta
Creamy Pasta with Chicken, Mushroom and herbs tossed in white sauce and cheese is absolutely delightful dish for get togethers. An amazing Italian dish that Kids and adults are happy to indulge in!


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