Chicken Broccoli Soup / Healthy Broccoli Chicken Soup

Chicken Broccoli soup is hearty and enticing; a healthy soup to comfort you during Monsoon. The rain gods are dancing away in all ecstasy, and diseases like flu and cold are rampant. Therefore, it is very essential to boost your immunity levels to fight them and stay fit. Believe me, this refreshing and comforting bowl of hot chicken soup with broccoli and herbs is the perfect remedy to battle cold and flu during the rainy season.

Soups are great for hydration- besides, herbs like garlic, onion and pepper makes it extremely powerful because of its anti-inflammatory properties. Since, there is a lot of protein in Chicken soups, it is so blissful to have that warm bowl of chicken soup that nourishes your body and soothes your soul. If you like spicy soups, check my Chicken Manchow soup, a delicious concoction of chicken and vegetables topped with fried noodles. Homemade chicken soup for colds is another humble soup recipe that is handy in this climate. Besides, check my Creamy Palak/ Spinach soup; a delightful soup for the veggie nights.

Monsoon is the best time to put on that apron and cook up wonderful homemade snacks to enjoy with your family or friends. Be it Hot samosas, chicken or fish cutlets, Paneer fingers, Spring rolls, Masala vada, Uzhunnu Vada, Meat roll, Banana Fritters or Pazham Pori, Crispy cone, or the spicy corn chaat, everything is appealing for the cold weather. Check these recipes and enjoy the rainy days.

For now, try this Chicken Broccoli Soup, which is also dairy and gluten free. Broccoli is rich in minerals, vitamins and fiber and has antioxidant properties. Another dish that I would like to recommend is Vegetable Au Gratin, a baked delight of Broccoli  and othe veggies with cheese. I have used the stem of the broccoli besides the florets, in this soup. Carrots, Bell Pepper, shredded chicken, chicken broth and the herbs make it further appealing and delectable. All in all, this Chicken Broccoli soup is a complete winner. Let’s dig into the recipe…

Ingredients for Chicken and Broccoli soup:

Chicken stock/ broth (check link)

: 4 ½ cups

Corn Flour

: 3 tbsp

Olive oil / Butter

: 1 ½ tbsp


: 4 or 5 cloves


: 1 no.

Broccoli stem chopped

: ¼ cup to ½ cup

Chicken shredded

: 1 cup


: ½ cup

Broccoli florets

: 1 cup or more

Red Capsicum/ Bell Pepper (optional)

: ¼ cup

Pepper powder

: ¼ tsp

Parsley leaves & Celery leaves

: little for garnish

Dry Thyme and Oregano

: 1 pinch


Making the chicken broth/ stock is the first step. Those who have tried my simple chicken soup know the steps already. Take bony parts of the chicken, wings, legs etc. to make the broth. You can brown them in a pan with little olive oil, salt, garlic, ginger, onions, spices, carrot, celery stem, pepper, soy sauce, vinegar etc and boil with plenty of water for 1 hour. Check the link for chicken broth.

Cut the carrot into small pieces, make florets of Broccoli, chop the onion, garlic and Broccoli stem finely. Cook chicken breast in half glass water with 1 tsp vinegar, pepper and salt. Shred the chicken and keep aside. (you can also use leftover rotisserie chicken).

Chicken Broccoli Soup / Healthy Chicken Broccoli Soup  Chicken Broccoli Soup / Healthy Chicken Broccoli Soup

Heat a pan and add half tbsp olive oil/ butter. Add the chopped carrots and stir for two minutes on high flame. Drain and keep aside. In the same pan, heat the rest of olive oil or butter and sauté onion, garlic and broccoli stem. Add little salt and half cup chicken stock for few minutes till onion turns limp. Let it cool. Grind to make a smooth puree.

Chicken Broccoli Soup / Healthy Chicken Broccoli Soup Chicken Broccoli Soup / Healthy Chicken Broccoli Soup Chicken Broccoli Soup / Healthy Chicken Broccoli Soup

Heat the Chicken broth (check my homemade chicken soup) and bring to a boil. Add carrots and the onion broccoli puree and mix well. Mix Corn flour in ¼ cup water and pour to the broth, stirring continuously to avoid lumps, to thicken the soup.

Chicken Broccoli Soup / Healthy Chicken Broccoli Soup Chicken Broccoli Soup / Healthy Chicken Broccoli Soup

Now, add the Red Bell Pepper, shredded Chicken and Broccoli to the soup. Bring to a boil and reduce the flame and let it simmer for two to three minutes, till the broccoli is cooked crisp. 

Chicken Broccoli Soup / Healthy Chicken Broccoli Soup Chicken Broccoli Soup / Healthy Chicken Broccoli Soup Chicken Broccoli Soup / Healthy Chicken Broccoli Soup Chicken Broccoli Soup / Healthy Chicken Broccoli Soup

Adjust the salt and pepper, add dried thyme and oregano to taste (a pinch) and switch off the flame. Garnish with celery and parsley leaves and serve warm. Enjoy with crisp dry bread or soup sticks.!


  • You can add red chilli flakes, if you like it spicier.
  • Adjust the corn flour measure to achieve desired thickness.
  • Thyme and oregano lift the flavors.
  • Carrot should not be over cooked, just stir fry for two minutes.
  • Red capsicum/ Bell Pepper, celery is optional. However, it gives a boost to the flavours.
  • Check the link for Chicken broth.
  • You may cook the chicken breast in water with pepper, salt and vinegar or use leftover rotisserie chicken.
  • Always buy fresh green broccoli for better results. Make sure you soak in saltwater to remove dirt, pesticides and worms if any.

Hope you and your family will enjoy this wonderful soup. If you make this Chicken Broccoli soup or any other recipe of mine, please post a review/ comment below and share with your friends through the share buttons on the side. It will definitely inspire me. Thanks and God Bless!!

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