Unakkachemmeen Manga thoran

Unakkachemmeen Manga Thoran is a Kerala style thoran, made of dried shrimps and Raw Mango. It is one of my favourite combination thoran and a great side dish with rice. This is a simple and tasty dish and if you are a fan of dried shrimps, then Unakka chemmeen Manga thoran is all you need with a bowl of rice for lunch! Fresh Prawns and Sun dried Prawns are very popular in Kerala and like Prawns roast, Prawns curry, Prawns Masala, there are a great variety of dishes and combinations with sun dried prawns; Unakkachemmeen Tomato Curry, Unakkachemmeen Manga thoran and curry, Unakkachemmeen Chammanthi podi etc. It goes well with almost all vegetables and zests up the entire dish with its savory flavors. You might also like Mathi Peera, Meen Mutta thoran, Ayala curry with Mangoes etc.

During Mango season, Unakkachemmeen Manga Thoran, Fish with mangoes, Angamaly Manga curry, Mangapazham pulissery, Mango pickle, Manga chammanthi all are regular dishes at home. Unakkachemmeen Manga thoran is also prepared with chakkakuru (Jack fruit seeds) and it is an awesome threesome combination. Well, since I didn’t have any chakkakuru in stock, thought of making Unakkachemmeen Manga thoran. I had some good Unakkachemmen stock left and all I required was some raw mangoes and what I got was too sour!! I chopped it fine and added some salt and squeezed the juice out after keeping for some time. Raw mangoes that are not too sour are best suited for Unakkachemmeen Manga thoran. If your mangoes are too sour, try this method!

This simple Unakkachemmeen Manga thoran is quite easy to prepare. Hope you will try this soon. Enjoy with rice for lunch.


Unakkachemmeen/ Dried prawns: ½ cup
Raw Mango: 1 no.
Small Onion/ Shallots: few
Green chilly: 1 no.
Coconut scraped: ½ cup
Turmeric Powder: ½ tsp
Chili Powder: ½ tsp
Curry leaves: few
Dried Red chili: 1 – 2 nos.


Clean the dried shrimps, pinch the head, tail out and wash in water quickly and drain. Immediately dry roast the shrimps in a skillet on low flame till it turns slightly red. Keep aside. Chop the Raw mango finely. Grind the coconut coarsely with shallots, chili powder, turmeric powder, curry leaves and keep aside. Heat coconut oil in a pan (Manchatti/ earthenware is tastier), pop mustards, fry curry leaves and red chili, drain and keep aside. Add the mangoes, shrimps,chopped shallots, split green chili, enough salt and combine well. Add ground coconut and 3 tbsp water and cover and cook for few minutes.

unakkachemmeen manga thoran unakkachemmeen manga thoran

unakkachemmeen manga thoran unakkachemmeen manga thoran

Stir well to combine and cover and cook again for two minutes. Garnish with the mustard and curry leaves. The delicious thoran is ready. Enjoy with rice.


  • Care should be taken while roasting prawns. It should not be burned.
  • If the mango is too sour, mix with salt after chopping and keep for few minutes. Squeeze and make thoran.
  • If you are fond of adding Jeerah/ cumin, you may try that version as well.
  • Care should be taken while adding salt, as the dried prawns have enough salt.
  • You can try adding red chilly as well while popping mustard for extra garnishing.

Enjoy the delicious Unakkachemmeen Manga thoran with rice. God Bless!!

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