Chocolate Strawberry Cake with Butter Frosting

Chocolate Strawberry cake is my “First Anniversary special recipe” for you. I wanted it to be an original recipe, from my Signature collection, and Tessa (my daughter) and Emma (my niece) suggested that it should be a chocolate cake! I was hesitant at first, as the strawberries were not in season and I was not sure how the frozen ones will come out! But, this classic flavorful combination kept luring me and finally, I am happy to offer you this Anniversary recipe. Chocolate paired with fresh strawberries is like a match made in heaven; a great combination that adds a touch of elegance to all celebrations. If you are a chocolate lover, this will satisfy your sweet tooth. The chocolate cake can be used as base for Black Forest cake as well. Chocolate Strawberry Cake with Butter frosting is a celebration cake for special occasions; the strawberries stop it from being chocolate overload and the butter frosting compliments it. If you have a sweet tooth, check out my Chocolate Truffle cake, Black Forest Cake, Mocha Rum Cake with Coffee ButtercreamApple and carrot cakeChocolate Orange Cake, desserts link , Orange cake, Dates and carrot cake, Dates and Banana Cake, Chocolate Brownies,Traditional Christmas fruit cake or Pineapple Swiss roll, Cinnamon Roll, for more sweets treat!

The butter milk gives the cake a moist texture. I made buttermilk by blending homemade curd with enough water; just make sure the curd is not too sour. Sweet fresh strawberries are best for this recipe. Since I couldn’t get any, I used frozen ones. They also tasted good, but once you taste fresh ones it is hard to like anything else. Strawberries are beneficial to health in many ways. You may check this link to know more about the health benefits – Strawberry crush used in the recipe is available in shops. The final batter will be runny – and is meant to be so. So, don’t get alarmed, it will rise beautifully. Hope you will try and enjoy this wonderful and tasty cake! Once again, thanking you all for your support and encouragement.


Flour/ Maida: 225 gms
Baking Powder: ¾ tsp
Baking Soda: 1 tsp
Salt: 1 pinch
Cocoa Powder (unsweetened): 80 gms
Hot water: 2/3  cup
Sugar (powdered): 200 gms
Caster Sugar: 60 gms
Butter: 100 gms
Eggs: 2 nos.
Vanilla Essence: 1 tsp
Strawberry Crush: 5 tbsp
Butter Milk: ¾ cup

Ingredients for Butter Frosting:

Butter: 125 gms
Icing Sugar: 300 gms
Strawberry Crush: 4 tbsp
Vanilla Essence: few drops
Fresh Strawberries and chocolate: for decorating


Measure all the ingredients. Sieve the flour (225 gms) with salt, Baking Powder and Baking Soda. Sieve three to four times to mix well and keep aside. You need two 7 inch round tins for this recipe. Grease the tins and line it with butter paper. Again grease and dust it with flour. Keep aside. Preheat the oven to 180o C (356 F).

Mix the Cocoa Powder and boiling water without any lumps. Keep aside.

Chocolate Strawberry Cake with Butter Frosting Chocolate Strawberry Cake with Butter Frosting

Beat the butter in a bowl till light and smooth. Add the Caster sugar and beat well. Then add the powdered sugar and cream well. Mix the eggs one by one and beat well. Add the Vanilla Essence and Strawberry crush. Cream well.

Chocolate Strawberry Cake with Butter Frosting Chocolate Strawberry Cake with Butter Frosting

Now, add the flour little by little alternatively with Butter milk. Make sure you adjust the speed of the electric mixer to the lowest while mixing. Lastly, add the warm cocoa mix and beat well.

Chocolate Strawberry Cake with Butter Frosting Chocolate Strawberry Cake with Butter Frosting
Chocolate Strawberry Cake with Butter Frosting Chocolate Strawberry Cake with Butter Frosting

The batter should be little runny. Don’t worry, it will rise beautifully. Pour into the prepared tins equally.

Chocolate Strawberry Cake with Butter Frosting

Bake in the preheated oven for 35- 40 minutes. Check with a tooth pick and if comes out clean, the cake is perfect. Let it cool well. If the cake is not levelled, place the cake on a rack with the dome side up. With a sharp knife, cut off the crown and level it.

For Frosting:

Cream butter, Icing sugar, vanilla and strawberry crush. Beat well to make a smooth frosting.

Chocolate Strawberry Cake with Butter Frosting

Place one cake on a cake stand. Using a spatula spread a part of the frosting starting from the middle, to cover the top layer. Slice the strawberries and arrange them on top of that. Now place the second cake layer on top (level and centered) and press gently to make sure it sticks. Now spread the rest of the frosting on top and on the sides, covering it fully. Smooth out the frosting with an icing knife or Icing smoother.

Chocolate Strawberry Cake with Butter Frosting Chocolate Strawberry Cake with Butter Frosting

Chocolate Strawberry Cake with Butter Frosting Chocolate Strawberry Cake with Butter Frosting

Arrange with fresh strawberries on top and decorate with chocolate chips/crumbs or curls.

Your chocolate Strawberry cake is ready to serve. You may also keep it in the refrigerator and serve it cold.


  • Always make sure you have the correct measurements. (It is better to have weighing scales or cake measuring cups, to get exact measures).
  • Use good quality butter and Cocoa Powder.
  • Fresh strawberries are good for this recipe. However you may use frozen strawberries as well.
  • Fresh eggs should be used for a better result.
  • Tapping the pans will force any air bubbles to the surface, which can help avoid holes in your finished cake.
  • Flour, baking powder and salt should be mixed well. Sieve 3 -4 times to release air bubbles.
  • Strawberry crush is available in supermarkets. You may also make crush at home by blending strawberries and mixing with sugar syrup.

This chocolate strawberry cake is an all-time hit with kids and adults. Hope you liked this recipe. Also check Mahogany Cake recipe and other easy tea cakes in the baker’s corner. Continue to encourage me by commenting below or by sharing to your friends using the links on the side. God Bless!!

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