Padavalanga Carrot Thoran (Snake Gourd)

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Padavalanga Carrot Thoran/ Snake Gourd Carrot Thoran

Padavalanga Carrot Thoran/ Snake Gourd Carrot mix thoran is a simple but healthy side dish for Kerala meals. In Kerala, thoran , a dish made with scraped coconut is made with most of the vegetables. Some times, some vegetables are mixed to enhance the taste of the Thoran. Padavalanga and Carrot is a great Mix thoran.  My mom is an expert in mixing veggies and making thorans, and Padavalanga Carrot Thoran is one of them. She used to add carrot to cabbage, beans and Snake Gourd. Carrot adds to the color appeal and makes it easier for moms as most of the kids like carrot more than all other vegetables, and have it without fuss.

Padavalanga/ Snake Gourd has many health benefits and as it is packed with fiber, nutrients, vitamins and minerals. Most of us are not aware of the anti inflammatory properties of Snake Gourd. See below the health benefits.  Padavalanga Thoran is also very popular but adding carrot enhances the taste and appeal , hence Padvalanga Carrot thoran is very popular at home. Also, check my Padavalanga Parippu Curry, which is another great dish. So, next time you buy vegetables remember to add Padavalanga to your shopping cart.

When you buy Snake Gourd, always go for the soft ones. My mom used to buy long soft ones that are available in Kerala. I still remember carrying those from market as they won’t fit into baskets. In Bangalore, we get shorter ones.Shorter or longer, you have to get the soft ones for tasty Snake Gourd thoran. For Thoran, you need to cut it small. You need to scrape the outer skin, the white/ Ash skin. Cut the edges, clean the inside and wash well. Then cut into cylindrical tubes and slice it thin vertically. If you cut this way, the thoran would be perfect; as the Padavalanga contains a lot of water. So, try this Padavalanga Carrot thoran and enjoy with rice, Kerala Beef Fry or Beef and Kaya ularthiyathu, Kalan/ Pulisserypachadi, Fish curry, Potato mezhukkupuratti etc. .


Padavalanga: 1 long
Carrot: 1 no.
Coconut scraped: 1 cup
Green chilly: 2 nos
Curry leaves: few
Onion: 1
Turmeric powder: one pinch


Cut Padavalanga and carrot into small pieces, heat oil, crackle mustards, curry leaves, add the padavalanga, carrot, salt, cover and cook for some time, stirring in between.

Padavalanga Carrot Thoran (Snake Gourd)  Padavalanga Carrot Thoran (Snake Gourd)

Padavalanga Carrot Thoran (Snake Gourd)  Padavalanga Carrot Thoran (Snake Gourd)

Grind coconut, onion, green chilli, curry leaves, turmeric powder coarsely and add. Cook covered for another minute, mix well.

Padavalanga Carrot Thoran (Snake Gourd)


Health Benefits:

Health benefits of snake gourd include its ability to improve the strength of the immune system, reduce fevers, detoxify the body, improve the digestive processes of the body, increase hydration in the body, treat diabetes, boost the strength and quality of the hair, and aid in weight loss.

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