Palada Payasam / Kerala Palada Payasam

Palada Payasam is a must try sweet delicacy, from Kerala, served during Festivals like Onam or Vishu and special Occasions. In Kerala, the traditional Sadya during festivals like Onam and Vishu and special occasions are incomplete without varieties of Payasams and Pradhaman. Sadhya is an enormous vegetarian spread on Banana leaves, with a variety of thoran, ErisseryParippu Curry, Aviyal, Pineapple pachadi, Sambar, Pachadi, kalan, Olan, Pulissery, theeyal,Papad, pickles, crisps etc.served with rice and with a selection of Payasams/Pradhaman/ Kheer as dessert. Palada Payasam is made of Rice Ada or cooked rice flakes, milk and sugar, while Palada Pradhaman/Ada Pradhaman is made with Rice Ada, coconut milk and Jaggery. There are other types of Payasam like Paal Payasam, the irresistible Sweet Potato PayasamParippu Payasam,.Pazham Pradhaman etc and Pradhaman made of lentils, Mathanga, Banana or Jack fruit which are also very delicious!!

Palada Payasam is my favorite, although it requires super patience and is a very time consuming and meticulous job, unlike other Payasams. The result of this painstaking job is extremely rewarding and the sweet Palada Payasam, take your taste buds to another level. I have never tried making Ada at home, but use the ones available in the supermarket. Earlier the Ada pieces used to be thick and chewy, but now you get them very thin and soft. There are several brands available in the market these days. Usually the recipe is at the back of the packet, but somehow it always turn out terrible. Here is a modified better version for delicious Palada payasam. May your homes be filled with Sweetness, happiness, peace and prosperity, this Vishu!!


Palada/ Cooked Rice flakes: 200 gms
Milk: 2 litres
Sugar: 450 gms
Cardamom: 1 no.
Ghee: 1 tsp


Wash and soak the Rice Ada Flakes in hot water for an hour. Drain and wash again in cold water to remove the stickiness. Drain and keep aside. Boil 2 litres milk in a wide thick bottom Kadai or uruli. Add Sugar and mix well. When it start simmering add the Ada and stir continuously on full flame for almost 30 -45 minutes.

Palada PayasamPalada Payasam

The milk will become thicker and the Ada pieces will start surfacing slowly. The color also will change into a slight brown/ Pink color. This is the time you should add nicely crushed Cardamom and a spoon full ghee.

Palada Payasam

Stir well. Switch off the flame and stir again for another 5 – 10 minutes to avoid clotting/ formation of milk layer at the top.


  • You may use thick cream milk if you like thick consistency.
  • Ghee should be added last.
  • You can fry cashews in ghee and add if you like. I like mine plain without any garnish for the authentic taste.
  • You may use the condensed milk but it will spoil the traditional authentic taste.
  • Sugar measure is as per my taste. You may add little less or more as per your taste.

Enjoy the sweet Palada Payasam. Your feedback and comments are most welcome. If you enjoy my recipes, do put in your comments or share with your friends through the buttons on the side.  Happy Vishu! God Bless!!

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