Sadhya Recipes / Kerala Sadya/ Vegetarian Sadya:

Sadhya recipes to celebrate Onam and Vishu in style with family and friends. The whole of Kerala is getting ready to welcome the Annual festival, heartily celebrated by all Keralites. This Onam week, meemiskitchen brings you great spread to welcome Onam in style. Starting with Parippu and Ghee, it includes many wonderful Sadhya dishes. Plan your Onam/ Vishu Menu from the mouthwatering Vegetarian Sadhya recipes collection # Meemiskitchen. This “Sadhya recipes” is a collection of traditional Kerala Sadhya recipes which includes delectable vegetarian dishes and mouth watering Payasams.

Parippu Curry

Parippu Curry

Parippu Curry / Dal curry is a delicious and significant dish for Onam/ Vishu or any Kerala Sadhya,. Nadan Parippu Curry is made with Mung Beans lentils and mildly spiced ground coconut and served with ghee and papad. Check:

Kadumanga / Mango Pickle:

Instant Mango Pickle / Kerala Kaduku Manga

This extremely delicious and spicy Kadumanga Achar with crunchy and tangy mango pieces is an integral part of Kerala sadya. Check:

Inji Curry/ Puliinji

Inji Curry, Inji Puli

Traditional Kerala Inji Curry or Ginger Pickle served during Sadhyas is also known as Puli Inji or Inji Puli. It is prepared with Ginger, Tamarind and Jaggery, giving It a sweet and tangy flavor. Check:

Vellarikka Pachadi

Vellarikka Pachadi-Kerala-Sadya-Style

Vellarikka Pachadi is a traditional Sadya dish in Kerala. It is a very refreshing and delicious dish with simple ingredients. Check:

Payar mezhukkupuratti

Achinga Payar Mezhukkupuratti

Achinga Payar Mezhukkupuratti/ Long Beans stir fry is a great side dish for rice. Mezhukkupuratti is a Kerala style preparartion; vegetables are roasted on slow fire. Check:

Pineapple Pachadi/ Pineapple Munthiri Pachadi

Pineapple Pachadi / Kerala Pineapple Munthiri Pachadi

Pineapple Pachadi is a traditional Sadya dish enjoyed during festivities. A beautiful combination of sweet, spicy and tangy flavours, Pineapple Grapes Pachadi is delicious and refreshing! Check: 


Olan / Kerala Sadya Style Olan / Ash Gourd Soup

Olan is a traditional “Kerala Sadya” dish prepared with Ash Gourd/ Kumbalanga and cow peas stewed in coconut milk. Natural flavours of the vegetables are enhanced by chilies and coconut milk. The simplicity of the Olan makes it unique and special.

Mambazha Pulissery

mambazha pulissery (ripe mangocurry)

Mambazha Puilissery or Ripe Mangoes cooked in coconut curd mix, is a traditional side dish with Rice in Kerala. Mambazha Pulissery is a delicious sweet and sour dish, with few ingredients. Check:

Beans Thoran

Beans Thoran, Kerala Green Beans Thoran

Beans Carrot Thoran is a healthy mix vegetable thoran and tastes good together. Loaded with Vitamins and minerals it is good combination with rice. Check:



Kalan is a favourite yoghurt/ curd dish among Keralites and Kurukku kalan is a must have dish for Onam menu. Kalan is a yoghurt/ curd recipe with raw banana (ethakka),/yam and coconut. Check:

Kumbalanga Pulissery:

Kumbalanga Moru Curry

Kumbalanga Moru curry/ Ash Gourd cooked in coconut curd mix, is a simple and common side dish with Rice in Kerala. It is highly nutritious and tastes delicious with rice. Check:


Avial, Kearala Sadhya

Avial is a traditional South Indian specialty dish, a delicious mix of vegetables cooked in a mildly spiced, ground coconut and curd gravy, seasoned with coconut oil. Avial is an indispensable dish for Sadhyas in Kerala, during festive occasions! Check:


Sambar/ Sambar Recipe / South Indian Sambar

Sambar is very popular in South India and indispensable dish for meals, Idlis and dosas. Vegetable Sambar is a healthy side dish; prepared with lentils and vegetables in a flavorful spicy gravy with homemade Sambar powder. Check:

Papaya Pulissery

Papaya Pulissery

Papaya Pulissery is a delicious sweet and sour curd dish popular in Central and South Kerala. Check:

Chena Mezhukkupuratti

Chena Mezhukkupuratti / Yam Fry / Chena Fry

Chena Mezhukkupuratti is a very delicious side dish for rice, popular in Kerala. Chena or yam is stir fried with spices, which gives it amazing flavors. Check:

Kaya Erissery

Vanpayar Kaya Thoran (Kaya Payar Puzhukku)

VanPayar Kaya Thoran is a delicious and healthy thoran, packed with vitamins, fibers and proteins. This delightful combination of VanPayar and Kaya prepared with ground coconut and spices is a great dish for rice. Check:

Koottu Erissery

Erissery Kerala Sadya Special

Erissery is an essential item in Kerala Sadya, the elaborate vegetarian spread on Banana leaves. This special Koottu Erissery has Mathanga, Chena and Kaya along with red cow peas tastes just delicious! Check:

Palada Payasam

Palada Payasam

Palada Payasam is a must try sweet delicacy, from Kerala, served during Festive Sadyas. Palada Payasam requires super patience and is a very time consuming and meticulous job, but the result is extremely rewarding!! Check:

Pazham Pradhaman / Nenthra Pazham Pradhaman

Pazham Pradhaman / Nenthra Pazham Pradhaman

Pazham Pradhaman is a delightful sweet dessert served during festive occasions. This mouthwatering Payasam/ Kheer is prepared with Nenthra Pazham, Jaggery and creamy coconut milk topped with ghee fried coconut pieces, nuts and raisins.Check:

Sweet Potato Payasam/ Madhurakizhangu Payasam

Sweet Potato Payasam / Madhurakizhangu Payasam

Sweet Potato Payasam is a creamy pudding/ sweet dessert / Milk Payasam prepared with sweet potato and sago in a sweetened milk concoction. Check:

Mathanga Aval Payasam

Mathanga Payasam / Mathanga Aval Payasam

Mathanga Aval Payasam is a sweet dessert, with the goodness of golden Pumpkin and flattened Rice flakes in creamy, Jaggery treacle. This simple, original recipe is a delightful sweet dish for Sadhya and other festival occasions. Check:

Parippu Pradhaman

Parippu Payasam / Parippu Pradhaman

Parippu Pradhaman/ Parippu Payasam is a classic Kerala dessert made with Mung Beans lentils, Jaggery and coconut milk. It is served during Kerala Sadya; a grand vegetarian feast on Banana leaves with varieties of Payasam/ Pradhaman. Check:

Wish you all a very enjoyable Prosperous Onam filled with Colorful and wonderful memories! God Bless!

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