Seafood treats / Fish and Seafood Recipes

These seafood recipes are simple and flavorful and great for dinner parties or festive occasions. Choose your favourite dishes to plan your menu from this variety Seafood recipe collection.

Dynamite Shrimp

Dynamite Shrimp / Spicy Dynamite Prawns Recipe

Shrimps are coated with a Japanese style tempura batter and deep fried to golden perfection. Try this Dynamite shrimp for a wonderful start for your parties. Check:

Crispy Fish Fingers

Seafood Recipes/ Festive Special

Crispy Fried Fish Fingers are temptingly delicious and an all-time favourite finger food. Mildly flavored Fish Fingers and tartar dip makes a great combo. It is quite simple to prepare and can be served as an entrée for get together and parties. Check this amazing recipe @

Calamari Fritters/ Fried Squid Rings

Seafood Recipes/ Festive Special

Crispy Fried Squid Rings/ Calamari Fritters are great appetizers that are crispy on the outside and tender inside. It is deliciously crunchy and an amazing starter for your guests. Try this simple and scrumptious Calamari Fritters recipe. 

Fish Cutlets

Seafood Recipes/ Festive Special

Fish Cutlets are a classic snack, crispy, pleasant and delicious. This excellent easy to make fish cutlet recipe with canned Tuna fish, is just awesome. You can also try toasting on Tawa with little oil for a healthier choice.

Chilli Fish

Chinese Chilli Fish

Chilli Fish is very delicious Indo Chinese dish, which can be served as an appetizer and as a side dish with Fried rice or Noodles. The crispy fish, with crunchy onions and bell peppers are coated with delicious, sweet, sour, spicy and garlicky gravy. Check:

Andhra Prawns Masala

Seafood Recipes/ Festive Special

This classic Andhra style Prawns Masala is quite delightful; spiced up with green chilies, pepper and red chilies along with other herbs and spices to make this succulently spicy Prawns Masala, that will leave your lips tingling! 

Kerala Fish Biryani

Fish Biriyani

Kerala Fish Biriyani with exotic flavours is truly exceptional and popular across the globe. This iconic one pot meal, rich in flavours, is a perfect blend of masala coated fish and aromatic Rice, laced with mild spices to make it alluring! Check: 

Karimeen Mappas

Seafood Recipes/ Festive Special

Karimeen Mappas is an exotic, traditional Kerala dish. Karimeen (Pearl Spot) is cooked in a spicy rich Coconut gravy filled with mouthwatering flavors. Karimeen Mappas is a classic favorite of tourists and is a much desired fare during special occasions. 

Kakka Irachi Ularthiyathu/ Clams Roast

Seafood Recipes/ Festive Special

The succulent Kakka Irachi Ularthiyathu or roasted clams meat is a classic Kerala seafood dish. The herbs, spices, pepper and the Coconut strips compliment the clams’ meat well and make it extra scrumptious and enticing to your taste buds! 

Tangy Fish Curry

Seafood Recipes/ Festive Special

Spicy and Tangy Fish curry is a must try classic dish, popular in South India. With the perfect blend of hot and sour flavors, this soul warming fish curry is best enjoyed with Rice and tastes good with Idli, Dosa or even fresh Appam!

Kottayam Fish Curry

Seafood Recipes/ Festive Special

Kerala Red Fish curry recipe has many variants. Kottayam Fish curry is a popular version. Kottayam style red fish curry is prepared in a spicy red chilly gravy with ground small onions, chili powder and tamarind (Kudampuli).

Fish in Sauce

Seafood Recipes/ Festive Special

Chinese Fish in sauce is a special Chinese influenced Fish curry which is quite delicious and full of flavours. Fish pieces are fried and cooked in a sweet tomato gravy. It has delectable and lip-smacking flavours and goes well with any rice dish. check:

Prawns and chicken Fried rice

Spicy Fried Rice / Spicy Chicken Prawn Fried Rice

Spicy Chicken and Prawn Fried Rice is a popular Indo-Chinese rice recipe, vibrant and appealing with its dominant spice level.Check:

Fish Molee/ Fish in mild spicy gravy

Seafood Recipes/ Festive Special

This special Fish Molee is a delightful, traditional Christian dish in Kerala made during special occasions. Fish is cooked in mildly spicy coconut milk gravy. Also known as Fish Molly, this Portuguese influenced delightful dish has many variants depending on the region. Check this amazing recipe @

Spicy Fish Masala

Seafood Recipes/ Festive Special

Spicy Fish Masala” is a variety fish curry that you get mostly in Palakkad region in Kerala. Fish is cooked in a spicy tangy coconut gravy. The thick coconut gravy, the tanginess, the spiciness everything about Spicy Fish Masala is finger licking good!!

SriLankan Prawns curry in coconut milk

Seafood Recipes/ Festive Special

Sri Lankan Style Prawns Curry in Coconut Milk is an amazingly delectable dish from the Island Country. The gravy is thick and tasty with rich coconut Milk and right choice of spices and veggies that gives a complex and wonderful flavor to the dish. Check recipe:

Nadan Koonthal Varattiyathu/ Squid Roast

Seafood Recipes/ Festive Special

Squid Roast or Koonthal/ Kanava Roast is a traditional Kerala delicacy that is very popular among sea food lovers. Squid Roast is a delicious combination of squid, herbs, spices and Kudampuli, roasted to perfection with mouthwatering flavors!

Alleppey Fish curry

Seafood Recipes/ Festive Special

Kerala style Alleppey Red Fish curry recipe is a favourite among Keralites and comes in different styles depending on the region. The fish is prepared in a spicy red chilly gravy with tamarind (Kudampuli). A must have with Kappa (Tapioca). 

Fish in Cabbage 

Seafood Recipes/ Festive Special

Fish in Cabbage is definitely a dish for special occasions. Succulent fish pieces cooked in a delicious gravy with cabbage, Onion, tomato, spices and coconut milk. It is a totally unconventional fish curry recipe but with astounding flavours and taste galore. Check:

Ayala Manga Curry/ Fish with Mangoes

Seafood Recipes/ Festive Special

Ayala curry (Mackerel) with Mangoes is a traditional Fish curry in Kerala. It is an extremely delicious, spicy and tangy dish prepared with Ayala and mangoes in a thick flavorful Coconut paste. This Kerala style Ayala curry is a must try classic dish!

Fish Caldine/ Goan Fish curry

Seafood Recipes/ Festive Special

Fish Caldine is a popular Goan style Fish Curry, made of Fish or Shrimps in a mildly spiced, flavorful coconut gravy. ‘Fish Caldine’ or ‘Caldinho’ is a Portuguese word, which means soup or stew made of fish, with coconut cream or coconut milk.

Unakka Chemmeen Manga thoran

Seafood Recipes/ Festive Special

Unakkachemmeen Manga Thoran is a classic Kerala seafood dish, a great combination of dried shrimps and mango, a delicious side dish for rice. Dried prawns are very popular in Kerala and zests up the entire dish with its savory flavors.

Nadan Chemmeen Roast

Seafood Recipes/ Festive Special

Chemmeen Ularthiyathu (Prawns Roast) is an exotic seafood delicacy of Kerala, and is made in typical Kerala Style, exceptionally spicy with small onions, thengakothu (coconut pieces) and Kudampuli (Malabar Tamarind). It is just irresistible!!

Karimeen Thilappichathu

Seafood Recipes/ Festive Special

Karimeen Thilappichathu, is a special treat for those who love Karimeen (Pearl Spot). It has very simple ingredients and is very easy to prepare and delightfully yummy. Karimeen is simmered in a spicy tangy gravy of shallots, ginger and garlic. 

Pressure cooker Mathi Curry

Seafood Recipes/ Festive Special

Pressure cooked sardines are a simple recipe where sardines are pressure cooked in an onion tomato gravy with spices and vinegar to make it tangier. This is a variety dish for ardent Sardine lovers, different from the traditional sardine recipes.

Unakka Chemmeen Chammanthi

Seafood Recipes/ Festive Special

Unakka Chemmeen (sun dried Prawns/ Onakka Chemmeen) chammanthi is a great side dish for Kerala lunch. Unakka Chemmeen, Coconut, Red chillies are toasted and ground to a fine powder to make succulent chemmeen chammanthi.

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