Honey Cake/ Honey Cake with Coconut Frosting

Honey Cake is fluffy, moist and delicious, with the goodness of honey spruced up with coconut and jam frosting. This Honey cake is so popular in South India, thanks to Iyengar bakery. I still remember eyeing the pink topped cakes lined up and displayed in bakeries during my childhood. After new variety pastries started filling up the bakeries, honey cake lost its sheen and slowly retreated from the shelves. Therefore, I thought I will take you for a nostalgic drive and try to recreate that delicious Honey cake with the sticky jam and coconut topping. I always thought it was a complex recipe, but surprisingly, it was a cake walk. Even the frosting is so simple; anyone who is scared of cake decorating can also do it without hesitation.

Any basic Vanilla Sponge Cake is good enough for preparing this Honey Cake. We do not add honey to the cake mix during baking, as it is harmful (Check Honey Chilli Chicken for more details). Instead, we make a honey syrup and pour it over the cake to make it moist and delicious. This recipe for Honey cake is adapted from my Hot Milk Cake (I tweaked the measures slightly), which has a beautiful crumb and turned out amazingly delicious. However, you can choose any of your favourite white cake recipe or eggless Vanilla cake recipe as the base for Honey Cake. Strawberry jam is the best topping for Honey Cake and if you are looking for that iconic Iyengar style Honey Cake, you should try strawberry Jam. Alternately, you can use mixed fruit jam, cherry jam etc.

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I hope you give this soft and moist Honey Cake a try, it is indeed very simple to prepare, yet gives you that exotic rich feel. It is nostalgia time here and hope you enjoy this Honey cake as much as I did. Here is the recipe.

Ingredients for Vanilla cake:


: 4 nos.


: 350 gms

Flour/ Maida

: 275 gms

Baking Powder

: 2 tsp


: a pinch

Vanilla Essence

: 1 tsp


: 100 gms


: 1 cup

Ingredients for Honey Syrup:


: 5 tbsp – 6 tbsp


: ½ cup


: ¾ Cup

Ingredients for Coconut Frosting:

Strawberry Jam/ Fruit Jam

: 6 tbsp

Hot Water (optional)

: 1 -2 tsp

Desiccated Coconut

: 4 tbsp or more



Grease two 7-inch tins with butter and line with baking paper. Grease again and dust with flour. Keep aside. Measure all ingredients. Sieve the flour, salt and baking powder to combine. Separate the egg yolk and white. In a dry bowl, collect the egg whites and beat till you get soft white foam. Slowly add granulated sugar little by little and beat well. Now add the Egg yolks one by one and beat till fluffy. Add the vanilla Essence.

Honey Cake / Honey Cake with Coconut Frosting

Boil Milk and melt butter in it. Pre-heat the oven to 170o c. With a spatula, gently fold in the flour to the egg batter, alternately with Hot milk in small portions. Pour the mix into the prepared tins and bake in preheated oven for 30-35 minutes or till done. Insert a toothpick to the cake to check if it is done. If the toothpick comes out clean, the cake is done. If it is sticky, bake for few minutes more and check again.

Honey Cake / Honey Cake with Coconut Frosting Honey Cake / Honey Cake with Coconut Frosting Honey Cake / Honey Cake with Coconut Frosting Honey Cake / Honey Cake with Coconut Frosting

To prepare the sugar syrup boil ½ cup water and add ¼ cup of sugar and stir till dissolved. Switch off the flame and keep aside. Add 3 tbsp honey when the syrup is warm and stir well.

Honey Cake / Honey Cake with Coconut Frosting Honey Cake / Honey Cake with Coconut Frosting

Invert the cake and cut the top part to level the cake. With a toothpick, poke holes all over the cake. Pour the Honey syrup over the cake with the help of a spoon. The syrup will seep in and make the cake moist. Now, heat and melt Strawberry jam in a pan (add water if required to loosen) and spread it evenly on top of the cake.  

Honey Cake / Honey Cake with Coconut Frosting Honey Cake / Honey Cake with Coconut Frosting Honey Cake / Honey Cake with Coconut Frosting Honey Cake / Honey Cake with Coconut Frosting Honey Cake / Honey Cake with Coconut Frosting Honey Cake / Honey Cake with Coconut Frosting

Keep aside for 1 hour. Sprinkle desiccated Coconut on top and cut into small squares and serve.

Honey Cake / Honey Cake with Coconut Frosting

Enjoy the delectable Honey Cake. God Bless!


  • Make sure you have the cake tin greased, lined and dusted before you start preparing batter.
  • I used two 7 inch tins for baking.
  • Take the required measurements and keep ready.
  • Beat the egg white till it is stiff.
  • Always use fresh eggs; and make sure that you use a dry bowl for beating egg whites.
  • Add Sugar little by little to the egg white and beat well.
  • Baking Powder and Flour should be sieved two times or more.
  • The milk mix should be medium hot while mixing.
  • Bake immediately after Mixing.
  • Adding Honey while baking is not advisable. Check Honey Chilli Potato for details.
  • Honey syrup should soak the cake. Poke holes all over the cake to allow seeping.
  • You can use strawberry Jam/ Mixed fruit jam /Cherry jam for frosting.

Please try this amazingly refreshing Honey Cake. Continue to encourage me by commenting below or by sharing to your friends using the links on the side. God Bless!!

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