Lebanese Pickle/ Arabic Pickle/ Lebanese Pickled vegetables

Lebanese pickle is a perfect compliment to all middle eastern fare. Continuing on my middle east love story, here is another wonderful recipe from the land of Lebanese. The crunchy, tangy and slightly sweet veggies are so enticing and helps you delve deeper into the rich culinary traditions of the middle east region. Served with most appetizers, grilled chicken, kebabs, Falafel sandwiches, shawarma, smoked meat and fish, these Lebanese pickles are popularly known as Shawarma Pickles or Arabic pickles.

Middle eastern food is quite versatile and easy to prepare. Hummus, Toum, Sweet Dumplings, Mediteraanean style vegetable salad, Pita Bread, Shawarma, Falafel all are popular and must try Arabic food.  Lebanese pickle can be prepared with variety vegetables like Beetroot, Carrot, Cucumber, Radish, Turnip, Carrot and Onions. You will love the crunchy veggies; slightly vinegary and sweet that goes with almost everything! The ratio of vinegar to water is relatively lower in my Lebanese pickle recipe, as I didn’t want the vinegar to overpower the natural fresh taste of veggies. This Lebanese pickle and a bowl of Hummus and Pita Bread are all I need for a satiating meal. It is slightly addictive (you’ve been warned!).

After I posted my Hummus recipe, a lot of viewers asked me for Pita bread recipe, which I will be posting soon. Christmas is around the corner and I invite you to check my Roast chicken with baby potatoes, Tandoori chicken, kebabs, popular appetizers, delightful festive chicken recipes, Duck recipes, Beef and Mutton recipes, exotic Seafood recipes etc. Not to forget the variety Biryani, pulao and other rice/ bread dishes and a collection of fruit cakes that adorns the festive season.

Without further ado, here is the recipe for Lebanese style Vegetable pickle. Enjoy!

Ingredients for Lebanese Pickle:

Garlic peeled

: 5 cloves

Green chilies

: 10-15 nos.

Carrot & Radish

: 2 each

Beetroot & Turnip

: 2 each


: ½ tsp


: 1 ½ cup


: ¾ cup


: 1 tbsp

Glass jars / bottles

: 2 nos.


First, sterilize the glass bottles and dry them. Pour boiling water and wash and keep it for drying. Next, wash and peel the vegetables and cut them into sticks. You can pair Carrot and Radish together and Beetroot and Turnip together. You can also try with Cucumber (English Cucumber without seeds are better), pickle it in a separate jar.  Slice the garlic cloves into halves. Wash and dry the green chilies.

Boil the water and take off the stove. Once it is medium hot, pour the vinegar (adjust the measure if it is too sharp. I used a brewed vinegar which is mild).

Add salt and sugar and mix well. Check the water and adjust the salt and sugar as necessary.

Now arrange the carrot and Radish in the glass jar, add half of the green chilies and garlic. In another jar arrange the beets and turnip, green chilies and garlic. Pour the pickling solution (lukewarm) into the jar till the top and cover with a thin cloth or cling wrap and place the lid.

Lebanese Pickle / Arabic Pickle Lebanese Pickle / Arabic Pickle

Shake gently and leave in a cool, dry place. You can enjoy the pickles in 3 -4 days’ time, although it is better to keep for a week for the flavours to develop. Even the green chilies are great with grilled chicken. It can be stored in the refrigerator for a month or longer -well, I am not too sure how long, as it disappears much sooner. Spoon it with some hummus or Garlic Sauce and you can snack all day long! Enjoy!


  • Turnips and Beet are pickled together, to give the turnip a vibrant pink colour.
  • Use a mild Vinegar or adjust the measures as you don’t want to overpower the natural fresh taste of the veggies.
  • You can use vegetables like Cucumber, Cabbage, Onions, Radish etc for pickling.
  • These Lebanese Pickles are added to shawarma and falafel sandwiches to enhance the flavours and taste. They are also known as Lebanese shawarma pickles.
  • Garlic can be added whole or sliced into half. Do not eat the garlic after pickling as it could be very strong.
  • Adjust the measure of salt and sugar according to your taste. I don’t like it too sweet, as I feel it spoils the flavor.
  • It is better to make small fresh batches of pickles.
  • Make sure to sterilize the glass jars before pickling.
  • Always use a dry spoon to take the pickles out.
  • Alternately you can add mustard and dill to the pickling solution.
  • Gherkins can be pickled this way and it can be used in Tartar Sauce dip to serve with fish fingers. Yum!

Please try this Arabic Shawarma Pickle and let me know how it turned out for you through comments and share with your friends using the share buttons on the sides. It would definitely encourage me. Thanks, and God Bless!!


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