Kalan/ Sadya style Kalan, Kurukku Kalan

Today, I was thinking of what to make for lunch, I hate doing the same things again and again, it really bores me. I had fish curry in the fridge, made Padavalanga and Carrot Thoran (Snake Gourd), also Vanpayar Ularthiyathu (red cow peas fry). Fried some dried Bitter gourd and saw the ripe banana and thought of making “Kalan”. Kalan is made of curd, coconut paste, Kerala Banana (Ethapazham, chena/ Yam). Kurukku Kalan is a major dish in Kerala Sadya, an elaborate vegetarian feast served on Banana leaf. It is a grand vegetarian spread with Parippu curry, papad, kadumanga, avial, sambar, erissery,Inji curry, theeyal, mezhukkupuratti, thoran, olan, pachadi, pulissery, payasam, Pradhaman etc.This recipe for Kalan is a modified version of the authentic Kalan. I have added some ginger and garlic to make it more tastier. If you are keen on authentic style, please avoid the same.

In our home, combinations are important and I always plan and do dishes that complement each other in a meal. Well, Jibu is not a great admirer of sweet curd dishes; he likes Kumbalanga Moru Curry, Chakkakuru Manga curry, Papaya Pulissery etc, but Mambazha Pulissery and Kalan are not in his favourite list. I usually make Kalan during Onam, or only when I get good Kerala Bananas. This time, he relished it as the Bananas were not that ripe. He avoided the banana pieces though!! You should try this combination- the spicy fish curry, the fried Pavakka, Vanpayar and Padavalanga was like magic together!!


Banana: 2 nos. (Slightly ripe)
Green chilly: 2-3 nos.
Small onion: a few
Garlic: 2 cloves
Ginger: 1 small piece
Jeerah Pdr: 1 pinch
Thick Curd: 2 – 3 cups
Coconut grated: ½ cup
Turmeric pdr, pepper pdr, red chilly pdr – little
Mustard, red chilly, curry leaves, coconut oil for garnish.


Cut the banana into small pieces, cook covered in very little water with split green chilly, small onions, curry leaves, turmeric pdr, a pinch of pepper powder, salt in a pot. Grind coconut, garlic, ginger, small onion, green chilly, turmeric pdr, jeerah pdr. Grind nicely and add this to cooked banana and boil for some time. Don’t add water. Once it is cooked, add the whipped thick curd (no water) and switch off the gas. Heat coconut oil, Crackle mustard, curry leaves, red whole chilly and add one pinch chilly powder. Pour this to Kalan and serve.


  • Kalan should be thick, so don’t add water.
  • Green chilly you can add as per your spice level.
  • Kalan is good with spicy dishes, beef fry, spicy fish curry, fried chicken etc.
  • Turn off heat when you add curd. Or else it will curdle.
Have a yummy lunch. God Bless!!

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