Rava Poori / Sooji /Rava Puri

Rava poori or Poori made with Sooji and wheatflour is a popular breakfast in India. The soft puffy poori does not soak up oil and is quite easy to prepare. Usually, people prepare Rava Poori with Maida and Sooji, but I have opted for wheat flour as it is healthier and it came out fantastic.  I usually make Poori with wheat flour alone, which gives softer pooris, but this Rava poori is much easier to prepare and the Rava makes it crispier. For Papdis or Crispy flat pooris that are used in Papdi chaats, Sev Puri, Corn Chaat etc. check Corn Chaat recipe.

Earlier, Poori made with Maida was common, but with all new health concepts, whole wheat flour has replaced plain flour in most menus. Still for making Papdis, and chaats, Maida is used. I have started making whole wheat Naan, whole wheat Pizza and have begun experimenting with whole wheat cakes. The result is refreshing and delightful and guilt free indulgence. Rava poori is a perfect breakfast for lazy days; it is easy to prepare and goes well with Aloo bhaji, Aloo Gobi Masala, Chana, Vegetable stew, Aloo Shimla Mirch Sabzi or any other spicy curries.

Since Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, I always try to make it interesting and fascinating for my kids. Dosa Pizza, Irachi PuttuSoft Matta Ari Puttu, Idiyappam with sweet coconut filling, heart shaped Appam, soft mini Idlis, Fried Idli in Curd, Poori, Bhature all are loved by kids, so I try to make variety stuff to keep them captivated and filled. Your kids would love this Rava Poori, as it is crispier yet soft and not chewy. It does not absorb oil as well. To make wonderful puffy pooris, knead it well and tight. When you roll it out, make sure the thickness is even and while frying, the oil should be hot. Follow the tips below, to make soft and puffy Rava Pooris. Enjoy!


Whole Wheat Flour: 2 cup
Rava / Sooji: ½ cup
Sugar: 1 ½ tsp
Salt: as required
Warm water: as required
Oil: for frying


Mix the whole wheat Powder, Rava, sugar and salt. Add lukewarm water and mix well to get a nice medium soft dough (The dough should not be sticky but smooth). Rub oil in your hands and knead the dough well. Keep it covered for half an hour.

Rava Poori Rava Poori

Make small balls and flatten with a rolling pin to make small round pooris or use a poori press / Roti press. Heat oil in a Kadai and fry the pooris. Keep the flame on medium high. The pooris will puff up immediately.

Rava Poori Rava Poori Rava Poori Rava Poori

Fry both sides till slightly brown and drain. Enjoy Rava Poori with Aloo bhaji , Aloo Gobi Masala or Chole!


  • The dough should not be too hard; knead to make it smooth.
  • Rub oil in your hands and knead, to keep the elasticity of the dough.
  • Add warm water to make the dough smooth and tight.
  • When you roll out, make sure the pooris have even thickness. Use a poori presser / Roti maker for better results.
  • The temperature of the oil is important. It should not be smoking hot, but the pooris should puff up when you immerse in it. Keep the flame on medium high throughout.

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