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Doughnuts or Donuts, the perfect fried cakes covered in chocolate and colorful sprinkles, they never fail to impress you, or rather tempt you, right? So, here is my 200th recipe for you, special Homemade Doughnuts. I thank God Almighty for His abundant blessings. Feel sublime posting this recipe and humbly thank all my well-wishers and friends for encouraging and supporting me all this while.

Coming back to Doughnuts; it is fried sweet dough / cake, a perfect sweet snack, popular all over the world. It is quite simple to prepare, with not many ingredients to complicate the flavors! You can have the sweet doughnuts plain or top it with chocolate or sugar glazing and colorful sprinkles or crushed nuts and fruits for variety. The colorful doughnuts are indeed a visual delight and sinfully tempting! You can munch on those sweet treats anytime or have it as desserts.

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Freshly fried Donuts are indeed great and refreshing. Fried doughnuts do not absorb much oil as you think and tastes divine. Dedicating this recipe to all donut fans in my family; esp. Anandkuttan and Amlu. Go ahead and dig in!

Ingredients for Dough nuts:

Unsalted Butter (Cooking Butter): 40 gms (chilled) (3tbsp)
Sugar: 60 gms (1/3 cup)
Flour (Maida): 250 gms (2 cups)
Eggs: 1 no.
Salt: ¼ tsp
Baking Powder: 2 small pinch
Vanilla Essence: ½ tsp
Milk: 100 ml
Yeast: 1tsp


Ingredients for Chocolate Glazing:

Chocolate chips (Milk): ½ cup
Butter: 2 tsp
Fresh Cream: 2 tsp

Ingredients for Sugar Glazing:

Powdered Sugar: ½ cup
Butter: 1 tsp
Vanilla essence: few drops (optional)
Water: 2 tbsp


  1. Measure all the ingredients. Sieve the flour (250 gms), Baking Powder and salt together three or four times to combine well.
  2. In a cup, add 1 tsp yeast and 1 tbsp sugar and pour half of the Luke warm milk, stir and keep aside for rising.
  3. Take the chilled butter (40 gms) and mix with the flour to form bread crumb texture.
  4. Mix the rest of the sugar with the remaining milk.
  5. Slightly beat the egg and add vanilla Essence. Pour it to the Maida mix along with fermented yeast and milk and combine well to form a soft smooth dough.
  6. Cover well and let it rest till double in size (around one and half hour).
  7. Doughnuts / Homemade-Donuts Doughnuts / Homemade-Donuts Doughnuts / Homemade-Donuts Doughnuts / Homemade-Donuts Doughnuts / Homemade-Donuts Doughnuts / Homemade-Donuts
  8. Tap the dough and roll into a sheet with ¼ inch thickness.
  9. Cut out rings with a doughnut cutter and keep in a dusted plate for rising again (20 minutes).
  10.  Doughnuts / Homemade-Donuts Doughnuts / Homemade-Donuts
  11. Heat oil in a pan and fry the doughnuts on both sides till golden brown, drain and keep aside.
  12. Coat on one side with chocolate or sugar glazing and decorate with sprinkles.
  13. For chocolate glazing, melt the chocoloate chips and butter together in a bowl (double boiler method). Add cream and mix well to get thick, smooth consistency.
  14. Doughnuts / Homemade-Donuts  Doughnuts / Homemade-Donuts
  15. For sugar glazing, mix the powdered sugar, warm water and butter together. Add two drops vanilla essence.
  16. Dung the doughnuts in the chocolate or sugar glazing and top with sprinkles.


  • Always make sure you have the correct measurements. (It is better to have weighing scales or cake measuring cups, to get exact measures).
  • Flour, baking powder and salt should be mixed well. Sieve 3 -4 times to release air bubbles.
  • Luke warm milk should be used for this recipe. If the milk is too warm, the yeast will not be fermented.
  • The dough should be soft, if it is too sticky, dust a little flour and mix.

Homemade Donuts is a popular recipe and an all-time hit with kids and adults. Hope you liked this recipe. Continue to encourage me by commenting below or by sharing to your friends using the links on the side. God Bless!!

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