Chicken Samosa

Snacks are what kids love most and my kids are no exception. I love making or baking or steaming or frying snacks. I don’t bother much about healthy snacks as I am careful about healthy breakfast, lunch and dinner. Snacks I make whatever they like so they don’t have cravings for junk food. Street food sometimes are so irresistible but the hygiene factor and ingredients are a real concern, so I try to recreate Thattukada style Chicken Fry, Chicken 65, Samosas, vadas etc at home. It is hard to find good healthy snacks that are appealing to kids. Fried snacks are what they love most and Chicken Samosa is one of their favourite snacks along with Masala Vada, Uzhunnu VadaPotato Croquettes, Squid rings, cakes or Egg Puffs. This is great for birthday parties and kids will finish the samosas within no time! You may avoid chicken and make vegetable Samosas with the other ingredients.

I have found out through research (I have three kids, so research can be done at home) that kids love less masala food. They don’t like too much masala and whenever I tried with less spices / masala it was a huge hit. This is made with very little spices to suit their taste. So here’s my own chicken samosa recipe.


For filling:

Chicken breast: 250 gms
Potato: 2-3 nos big
Carrot: 2 nos.
Big Onion: 2 nos.
Green peas (optional): ½ cup
Turmeric pdr: ¼ tsp
Pepper pdr: ½ tsp
Chilly pdr: ½ tsp
Garam Masala: a pinch


Mix two cups flour with enough salt and one tbsp. oil and sufficient water to make a smooth dough. You need to knead the flour for 5 -10 mts. Keep it covered for half an hour. Shape into balls and flatten into round shape like you do for chappathi . Heat a Tawa and place the flattened bread for some 20 seconds, till the color changes slightly. Repeat till you finish the entire dough. Cut the round shaped bread into semi circles and keep aside. If you like the folding method, you need to flatten the dough into rectangles. I mostly use the ready made Samosa leaf that you can buy from the supermarket. It is less hassle and helps me finish my work in no time.

Chop chicken, potato, onion, carrot into small squares. In a pan, mix everything together with all masala, little oil and salt.  Cover and cook without water on low flame. Stir in between. Keep aside when cooked.

Chicken Samosa Chicken Samosa Chicken Samosa

Take one semi-circle and make a cone, fill it with the filling and seal the ends with maida paste( maida + water into loose paste). Repeat till you finish. Fry in oil, drain in tissue paper. Hot yummy samosas ready. Serve with green chutney or sauce.


  • The Samosa cover part may be difficult in the beginning, but try again. It tastes better.
  • You get ready made samosa patties in the supermarket cold stores, if you are not satisfied with the covering try that. It’s easier and crispier but for authentic taste stick to the hand made one.
  • You can see both the versions in the photo. The samosa patty looks perfect than the other one, but the tastier one is hand made.
Happy snacks time!! God bless!!

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