Healthy Chicken and Vegetable Wrap

Healthy Chicken and Vegetable wrap is a superb food, filled with proteins and vitamins and a perfect delicious lunch pack idea. It is a healthy and delicious combination of chicken and vegetables rolled in tasty wraps. Wraps are the easiest and convenient kids lunch or office lunch box recipes. It is a quick portable meal, a delightful snack or a meal on the go!! I try to make their lunch appealing by trying out different ideas like Paneer Pulao, Corn Pulao, Fried rice, Chicken NoodlesVeg. Pulao, Chicken Kati Rolls, Roti with curries, Veg. Sandwiches, grilled sandwich etc. My kids prefer sandwiches or rolls or wraps for lunch as it is not messy and they can have an enjoyable lunch time. Even my hubby enjoys these wraps as he can continue his romance with the computers uninterrupted! 🙂

Recently, my dear friend Sheba asked me to post some healthy wrap recipes that she can pack for office lunch and the first recipe that came to my mind was this delicious and healthy Chicken and Vegetable Wrap. Chicken roll is easy to make and tastes good with almost all wraps; like roti, tortillas, pita breads or even bread rolls. You can add onions, mushrooms, lettuce leaves, fried potatoes, Squid rings etc. to the filling for variety and have a fresh taste every day. I have used Garlic Mayonnaise for dressing, you can try freshly grated cheese, white sauce, cream cheese, Toum/ Garlic sauce or even Hummus as spread and top with Lebanese pickles. Since only minimal dressing is used, the rotis or wraps stay fresh and don’t turn soggy for long time.

Always try to make home cooked food to serve to your children. There are so many easy recipes which they all enjoy. Try making steamed Chicken Momos, Pizzas, Puffs at home and enjoy all the hugs and kisses. Food memories last forever. For now, try these healthy Chicken and vegetable wrap and enjoy!



Roti/ Tortilla/ pita bread: 6 nos.
Chicken (Boneless chunks): 1 cup
Garlic: 4 flakes
Carrot: ½ cup
Cabbage: ½ cup
Capsicum and Onion: ½ cup
Spring onion: ½ cup
Coriander Leaves: little
Pepper Powder: 1 tsp ( ½ tsp + ½ tsp)
Lite Mayonnaise: 2 tbsp
Cucumber:1 no.


Wash and clean the chicken pieces and cook with salt and ½ tsp pepper powder and ¼ cup water.  Keep aside for cooling. Shred the chicken into thin strips. Peel and chop the carrots into thin strips. Chop the cabbage finely.  Heat oil in a pan, add finely chopped garlic and sauté for few seconds. Add sliced carrots and fry for one minute on high flame. Add chopped cabbage and sauté for another minute. Next add the sliced Onions and capsicum. Then add the shredded chicken and fry. Add ½ tsp pepper, spring onion, coriander leaves and mix well.

Chicken And Vegetable Wrap Chicken And Vegetable Wrap
Chicken And Vegetable Wrap Chicken And Vegetable Wrap

Transfer to a bowl and add the mayonnaise. Mix well. Take a roti or any other wrap and spread little chicken mix. Top it with thinly sliced fresh cucumber strips.

Chicken And Vegetable Wrap

Roll it and wrap in silver foil or butter paper. Delicious and Healthy Chicken and vegetable wraps are ready to eat. Enjoy!


  • You may add mushrooms, potato fries, lettuce leaves to the filling for variety.
  • Any wraps can be used like Rotis, tortilla wraps, pita bread and whole wheat bread rolls.
  • You can add roasted peanuts if you like it to be crunchy.
  • Add only little Mayonnaise; it should just bind the filling and should not be runny. This way the wrap will stay fresh and not soggy.
  • Try substituting Mayonnaise with Greek Yoghurt for more healthy version.
  • Chop the cucumber, cabbage and carrots very thin. Kids like it that way. 🙂
  • The vegetables should not be over cooked. It should be crisp. Fry only for few minutes.
  • Adjust the pepper as per your taste.

Hope you will try out this wonderful healthy Chicken and Vegetable wrap. I would like to hear from you, if you like it. Comments from you would motivate me to bring you more delicious and wonderful homemade recipes. God Bless!!

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