Cheesy Potato Croquettes/ Cheesy Potato bites

Cheesy Potato Croquettes are a perfect and delicious snack to satisfy your little one’s spicy and savory cravings. Croquettes or fried cutlets or Kebabs are very popular snacks and are usually made with mashed Potatoes, Meat, vegetables etc. Potatoes and cheese are great combination and never fail to light up the little faces. Croquettes (derived from French word, “Croquer” which means to crunch) are bread crumbed fried snacks that are great appetizers or quick fix short eats. Mashed potatoes, sautéed onions, herbs and bread crumbs make a great vegetarian snack. If you are a Potato lover, check my Honey Chilli Potato another great starter for parties.

Some Potato Croquette recipes add egg to the mix to bind well or coat with beaten egg. This recipe is purely vegetarian, and is a modified version of my Ammaunty’s Potato Bread Snack. It was a favorite snack during our childhood, and I have tried to modify it many times to make it more appealing. This recipe is quite simple and easy to make with basic ingredients. Cheese filling is optional, but it sure makes this simple snack awesome!

This is a great idea for kids parties, like Paneer Puffs, Chicken Popcorn, Egg Puffs, Veg. samosas, Crispy hot Pakoras, Paneer Fingersspring rollsSamosasPizzas or garlic bread; and you can make this within no time. Preparing food for a crowd of hungry kids is never easy, which makes this a convenient option. You can prepare this in advance, refrigerate and fry later or even make it into small balls, fry and pin with tooth picks to make Veg. lollipops. With just a little ketchup, this fantastic Gooey Cheesy Potato Croquettes are the best treat for your kids. Happy Children’s day to all the wonderful little sparks and to the child in you!


Potato: 2 Large
Bread Slices: 6 nos.
Onion: 1 big
Ginger: 1 small piece
Green Chili: 2 nos
Butter: 1 tbsp
Curry leaves/ Coriander leaves: little
Mozarella cheese: 20 gms
Pepper Powder: ½ tsp
Kasmiri Chili Powder/ Paprika: ½ tsp
Salt: as required
Maida: 2 tbsp
Oil: as required


Wash well and boil the Potatoes till soft. Mash with a potato masher/ fork and keep aside. Chop the onions, ginger and green chilies finely. Heat butter in a pan and sauté the chopped mix for two minutes till the raw smell disperses. Tear the bread slices and put in a blender to make bread crumbs.

Add the sautéed onion mix, salt, Pepper, Chili powder, and a quarter of the bread crumbs to the mashed Potatoes and combine well. Cut the cheese into small cubes. Take a small ball, make a well and fill it with cheese. Cover and roll into cylinder or oval shape.

Cheesy Potato Croquettes Cheesy Potato CroquettesCheesy Potato Croquettes

Mix Maida with water to make a thin batter. Dip the croquettes in the batter first and roll in the bread crumbs. Heat oil in a Kadai and fry the pieces to golden brown.

Cheesy Potato Croquettes Cheesy Potato Croquettes Cheesy Potato Croquettes Cheesy Potato Croquettes

Drain to a tissue and serve hot with Tomato Ketchup. Enjoy!


  • Egg is not used in this recipe, instead bread crumbs and butter are used for binding.
  • You may shape into balls, fry and put tooth picks to make veg. Lollipop to add to the appeal.
  • Mozzarella cheese is good for this recipe. Always use a good brand of cheese.
  • Instead of cheese, fill it with boiled sweet corn for another variety snack.

Hope you and your little ones liked this delightful Gooey, Cheesy Potato Croquettes. I would like to hear from you, how well it came out for you. Comments from you would motivate me to bring you more delicious and wonderful homemade recipes. God Bless!! 

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